Large Format Film




Musings: Wine Drinking and Typing

So as I am sitting here in front of my computer re wine in hand, its old and has been open for a while but it was the last in the bottle and I would hate to through it out. I really like wine, and it is a Spanish wine and was about $17.00 for the bottle, that expensive for a student! So I am debating whether or not I should continue school work or got back to Facebook, I get distracted with my website… something that I have not touched in a while. While I have updated pictures, website layout, design, flow, bio page and stuff like that I haven’t made an update for close to 10 months. So here.

2015 In a nut shell was a good year, busy year and a year full of travel. My first year of school went very well, passed all my classes, had a mostly good time. The day after school was done I started full time back at the bike shop for the summer. In-between working at the shop we did some traveling and hiking. We were off to Tofino in June and over other northern-ish Ontario (I say this because coming from Saskatchewan nothing is really that far north that you can drive to in 4 hours in Ontario). After that in August we planed a road trip across the states into British Columbia to the cabin, hung out there for about a week. Than we back tracked through Calgary to Saskatoon where we had a good visit with family and friends for over 2 weeks. And then in three days made it back to Toronto, where we started school again.

So Christmas came and went and so did the new years, we stayed home and hung out with the dog and had a lovely old time. As you can tell my life is very boring, schedule and routine is the bases for my life. Off to Mexico we went for a friends wedding for a week, it was amazing, having never been to Mexico before it was a new experience. And now we are caught up….

Bit more about Mexico, so I drank a lot, all inclusive with a bunch of friends? They are just asking you to, ate a ton of food, possibly my weight in tacos – I do not lie, that might have been all I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We had a amazing time at the wedding and in the end they got married! What, those crazy kids! We did some tours, on a boat and to a bird island, and snorkeled with the fishies. Then I got sick on the second late day there, a bug I think? In short, all the rice was puked up, on me, into a sweater, in the van, on the ground where a dog ate it, then more on the ground. Then in a different place on the highway, and then in the bushes…. It was a rough go of it.  Flying out of Cancun our trip was canceled and delayed, we over nighted in Montreal, our dog was home by himself for a night, and then we arrived the next morning to a very excited/tired pup. Thus ends our trip to Mexico. This was all the good bits anyways… oh besides my partner walking into a glass door and and glass wall all in the same night on the bachelor and bachelorette party. So there is the dig, the mud, the brown stuff that covers the ground.

Watch the lights

Some mistakes that I took…. Hoping to create a project with night lights.

Purple Lights

The street


Little World

My little worlds…. first attempt to get a mini planet, now some of them are a bit rough but I’m learning.

The Finer Things

I have been falling more and more in love with film of the 4×5 camera, the quality of the image is just so clear.  The only down side to this is that colour film is quite expensive to buy and then cost more to develop. The world of the DSLR is so easy, you can snap to your heart content and then delete all that you don’t want.  With film it is about 10 dollars an image for colour, so each shot has to count, plus all the time and effort it takes just for one images you do not want to waste even one shot.

These are a few images of some bits and pieces that I took, over the past few weeks.



Xmas Time

Gloomy weather in Toronto for Christmas, but we still had a wonderful walk down to the water front.

reganlocklake garden bench trees