Solitude – Finding ones Silence

Exploring what makes us human is like going down a dark rabbit hole, the list is never ending it curves and dives, everyone is different, and not everyone fits into what is deemed the social norm, which makes the world more interesting.  As humans, we are naturally social creatures. We praise extroverts, people who can handle a crowd, those who have a mass network of friends, and that two heads are better than one as an approach to problem-solving. However, the truth is that half the world does not always agree, the introverted side of humanity. That there are those times that we need to be alone, finding comforts in not being around others, finding solitude in one’s silence. There is nothing wrong with this, it just means that someone people value things differently than others. I want to empathize with the needs and desires of the peace and joy people can find when they are by themselves, that being alone is not a negative. I want to draw upon the light, and use it as an aid in the mood but not to create isolation or the fear of social situations, but instead to enlighten. Through this progress I wanted the view to have a glimpse into the lives of these people, each person is letting you into their life, a single narrative that they prefer to tell and show alone.

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All Images Copyright © Julia Garnet