Toronto has experienced many things over the years, this year the two of the biggest University made a changed and caused an uproar for students, professors, and teacher assistants and Graduate assistant-ships. Within days of each other York University and the University of Toronto went on strike. Though their reason for striking were somewhat different, they both united in the fight for fair education and equality.

Now not everyone believed the strike was a good thing; some people saw it as a hassle, a disruption, a waste of time, and that union works are overpaid and under worked.  Through media and the University spinning words and ideas, the general population did not see or hear most of the issues that were going on at the both Universities. The media were not picking up on the condition the students, professors; TA and GA faced every day on the picket line trying to get the university to understand and listen to them.

I had first-hand views on the picket lines at York University as well as the Rally March from York Glendon Campus down Yonge Street to Queen City Park Parliament. I spent time talking to undergrads, master students and Ph.D. Students and Professors to understand better what was happening from everyone point of view.

Now a lot of undergrads just wanted to finish school because they have summer plans, job, and going back home to visit family as well as student visa that were running out.  So it was a pain and stressful time for them without knowing an end insight.  But I learned though is that with this strike the teaching assistant and contract facility was not just fighting for money. They were fighting for the future students that would be coming after them into graduate programs. For International Master Students, and Ph.D. students having a living wage, and a means to support themselves; for contract facility not having to apply for their jobs every four months.

When you believe in something you have to stand up for it, fight the injustice, education for everyone and making universities account for their actions. This strike was to trying to changed how universities operate, and trying to bring them back to education as the primary focus instead of corporate business moneymaking ventures.