Behind Closed Doors


They keep our personal world away from the outside one. They can prove to be a barricade from all things scary on the other side or keep us locked inside a world we wish to escape. They can close us off if we choose to be from the going on’s of the world around; where we can live in our bias bliss that all is good and safe. Or that it can force us to face the impassable wall of trouble that stays on the inside that is blind to the passer-by on the outside.


This brings me to the idea of the door. It is passed that door that the secret world is shut from our view, the secret world of the private life of people. When you walk by a door do you ever wonder what is going on inside, just pass those four corners? What is inside, is it happiness, abuse, loneliness, joy? Does what goes on behind closed doors really remain a secret to those on the other side?

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