Julia Garnet is an artist who works with photography and tries to make her images by taking daily life as the subject matter while showing  the everyday aesthetic of life. Real people and real ideas.  A little bit about Garnet’s photography is that she has an affection towards landscapes, and tries to establish a link between the landscape’s reality and what can be imagined.  She tries to link these two ideas together to make sense of what determines our existence in what makes people and the world so amazing in its simplest form. The norm, plain and with imagination filling our heads, this is the most beautiful image to her. 

Her background is not one of an artist, she was a cyclist for six years and raced on a team in British Columbia as well with the Canadian National Team throughout North America and Europe. This traveling lead her to see a lot of the world and really opened her eyes to culture and she became hungry for more, and photography took over in feeding that passion. Now she is full time student at Ryerson University in Toronto studying photography with the goal of having a BFA at some point in time.

Follow Julia Garnet on Instagram @juliagarnetphotography @jgarnet for more photos of her life, or if you like dogs. She has a lot of those too.

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