Flowers whisper what words cannot say

So I have been so busy with school, lots of reading, writing, shooting images and learning. Now its not looked highly upon taking pictures of flowers, but I love flowers. It is tough with school, there are so many ideas and so little time. I also don’t want to lose my voice in my images. In school a lot of people have really gritty images, grainy and dark. Messy and provocative, showing ugly as beautiful. Now I love that style too and I find the pictures amazing to look at, but thats not who I am. I am not dark or haunt, I don’t see images that way all the time. I want to learn as much as I can and develop as a photographer but not change my self in order to fit society definition of “edgy”.

We were studying cliches in photography, and flowers children and animals were one of the top ones that hit the list. I think that some of the ones we didnt talk about should be one the list as well. Such as the “dutch tilt”, “Steel wool on fire shot at a low shutter speed” and one that I have a bit of a a problem with “dark grainy pictures of the homeless in a journalist style”  Now there is nothing wrong with the images them selfs, but I believe that it has become so common to do so in order to have an “edgy” picture. And is a lot of case the photographer gets right in from of the people and shoots the image with little regard.  I know how I would feel if someone stood in front of me taking pictures without so much as a hello, it would weirded me out. In photography people are looking for edgy and different, the weird and abnormal. At some point this change in focus will become a cliche as art changes over the years. Art does not evolve  in the sense of something completely different but circles back and forth building of ideas of others.

So here here is one of the edits I was working on. I hope that it is a bit more interesting then the average flower picture.

Layers of Flowers
Layers of Flowers

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