Holidays, puppies and zombie attacks

Christmas has come and gone already and January is more than half way finished. Over the holidays we went back to Saskatoon to visit family and friends. I missed everyone and it was so nice to be home besides the awful cold weather and myself getting the flu for 5 days. There really isn’t too much to tell, we had a blast, saw lots of people, ate a ton of chocolate and food (when I wasn’t sick). But now it is back to the old grind, back to work and coaching.

While we were gone there was a big ice storm in Toronto, it was all over the news in Canada if you hadn’t heard. Power was out for days and 25% of the trees were destroyed as was a bunch of property. Lucky for us we were gone the whole time that was happening, not sure what we would have done with not being able to cook or have a warm house for up to 3 days. Yes, well we are all kind of soft now, we would still have had blankets and a place out of the wind. We would have still had cold food that we could eat, money in the bank and a car that we could drive to get away and find other things. We would still have options. But when you live in a world were you rely on power and energy to help you on your day-to-day life, it is not easy to switch to a world where there is none of that or less of; when you are having a shower everyday, cooking warm meals and having the comforts that we all take for granted at times. Sure people for hundreds of years and, still in a bunch of countries live without running water, power and electricity, they live just fine. Life can be hard, yes, life can be difficult for them, but they make do with what they have and what they are use to. Power going out for us if almost like taking the fire that they cooked with and buckets they used for water, they would be without things that they use for their everyday life. What would they do? If you took these things away for a period of time? Well just like everyone else in the world, they would find a way to make do, to figure out how they would survive. Like any good zombie movie the heroes in question will always survive and find a way to save themselves and repopulate the world again. They would hunt and be resourceful, some people would die and turn into zombies and that would make the heroes sad but they would keep fighting for survival.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that 3 days without power would trigger the all and powerful survival instinct. But it does make a person look else where on how to get by. Now I hope that I am not stirring the pot and stirring up trouble with the opinion that I have, because that is all that it is, an opinion. I may be completely out in left field according to you or you may agree.

OK so there was my rant of the month. I started this post with the intent to write about the holidays and on the process of us getting a new dog. I might have gotten a little (lot) off topic…80839548


World survival and zombie apocalypse aside, we are getting a dog… hopefully. We have been going through an adoption process since the beginning of the month to get our little furry baby. The last step in the process is tonight, which is a home visit. A volunteer will come to our apartment, look at where we live and ask us questions and generally get an idea on what kind of people we really are. They say that they are not there to judge how our home looks like and how we choose to live in it, but I WILL be damned if they come into a messy home. So I have been cleaning for the pass couple of days, dusting and washing the floors, and put all the clothing away. Now we don’t live in a messy, dirty house, but the dishes tend to pile up and clothes pile up and shoes pile up. Things in general tend to pile up in our house it seems. I usually clean the house once a week on my day off, but I really don’t want to spend my whole day off cleaning. I don’t mind cleaning, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have to, but I really like a clean house. Just saying that, I have turned into my mother… Sorry mom for always saying that we don’t need to clean because the clothes aren’t going anywhere. Back on subject, I can not wait to have a dog, it is slowly killing me not to have a little fuzzy to love and play with. Spoil with toys and treats. I can already tell I will be the fun parent, I have a hard time saying no to such a cute fuzzy face. (maybe that’s why I like guys with beards…. mhm)  If the pictures of my last dog are any indication I will be dressing him/her up in old t-shirt, changing the colour of collars and tying cute bandanas around their neck.  I know there are a lot of people who say dogs should eat dog food only and a lot of science behind it as well, I think… But whats wrong with giving them a slice of apple or a carrot to chew on. It’s the face, the baby fuzzy face with the sad eyes, awh…. I am hopeless, I am already in love with dogs that I don’t have yet, but I can’t help it.

A million and a half pictures will be posted when I get said puppy. I will most likely be the new mom that can’t help but fill up Facebook photo albums of the new family member. Though I promise to try to limit the picture.



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