Three months in a nut shell

So as life goes on I am sorely lacking on the blog posts. Each entry will be one big chunk of my life 3 months at a time so it seems…

Toronto has been treating us well for the most part, weather is good, entertainment is great. I can not complain with my life so far.  There, blog post done! If you want to keep reading about my life’s story below as boring as it may be that is your choice. You have been warned 🙂nutshell-speech

I have started work at a bike shop in Toronto and it have been a good fit so far. Now that it is winter the shop has been slow, which is good. That allows me to learn things at a slower pace before they get crazy busy. And I must say there is a lot to learn. Even though I have been riding a bike since 2008, I very fast learned that I know little to nothing about bikes. I really was never interested in what the bike was, my only question was “can it help me go faster?” and if the answer was yes, then by all means I liked that bike. In the beginning of working at the shop, if you had ask me anything about a mountain bike I would have probably past you on to someone else who was working there.  Now I don’t know everything but I can say that I can tell you a good deal about all the different kinds of bikes. Road bikes always being the best of course! Working at the shop I have learned a ton and some days in the beginning my brain was overloaded with information. But the guys here were very patience with me and helped me along.

I also have taken on a second job of sorts. I teach computrainer classes, women’s only at this time. Now for those who do not know what this class is all about; Computrainer is a indoor bike trainer (virtual riding, everything shows up on a TV in front of you to see) with a precision ergometer measuring power wattage, heart rate and cadence. Triathletes and cyclists alike come to our classes to use their own bike and train hard and increase their fitness while riding indoors. This kind of class you can experience simulated bike routes of any bike course in the world, like the Road World cycling Championship in Italy or ride laps in Central Park NY. These training classes are a great way for anyone to get fit, train for a triathlon, train for a cycling race or group fondos. They are fun classes where you work hard with your fellow riders and have fun. Sometimes there are cool cycling videos of tricks riders or track races and energy, power, pumping music! This is a must do for anyone and the classes are put on by RealDeal Performance! You are getting fitter and supporting local people and local businesses, what could be better!

On a side note, I might be getting a puppy…. Gahhhhh so excited!

Going back home to Saskatoon in two days, so see you folks soon!



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