Run away

So today I was feeling really motivated to work out, being so out of shape and all, this was a good step forward for me. I had an awesome veggie omelette and a couple lattes made at home. Then I put all my stuff in a bag and headed to the gym. Had the one and only Journey sound track going on in the car, and I was singing all the way. With pep in my step I got into my work out clothes and then reached for my runners….Fackkk, no runners.  The world has now ended; what am I going to do now. Home is so far away… Noooooooooo.  With all my planning and energy going I had forgotten my runners at home. Well this sucks; I don’t think I could run in socks. Nor would the gym like that I had no shoes. Well I could wear my ballet flats that I had worn to drive here, but did I really want to be that guy/girl? The one that wore jeans or sandals to gym, I think not.

Now feeling like a total chump, I lock up my stuff in a locker, grab my keys and member ID and sneak like a ninja out of the gym hoping that no one realizes that I lame and forgot my runners and have to go back home to them. Course no one knows that I forgot anything and it’s all in my head thinking that I need to be sneaky and more importantly thinking that I am actually sneaky to begin with.

Getting my runners finally and getting back to the gym took about 15 minutes to begin with and wasn’t that big of deal to begin with. I did a running work out and pushed myself harder than I have in past with my runner. I was beet red in the face after, bright beet red. So sexy I know. Dripping with sweat and almost purple in the face I went in a corner of the gym to stretch away from people. Let’s just say I was a little embarrassed on how red and messy I was looking. It only took about 1 hour till my face looked a shade of normal color.

So now that I have started to run again, I have become an eating monster. All the food in the house is mine and must go in my month. Eat eat eat I say! I have been trying to eat health for the most part, I haven’t been eating out like I use to either. It is time for me to get toned again. Run run run, eat eat eat, sleep sleep sleep and repeat. Maybe throw some work in there too, as I did just get a new job.

Cheers for now.


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