One Change, Two Change, Everything Changes

So a lot has happened since I last posted. I am not going to pretend anymore that I actually Keep up with the posting on this blog. I say every time I am going to write more and I never really do. And all my post start this way it seems.

Let me do a quick run down of my life that has happened in the past 8-9 months.

– March: Went to Cuba like I thought. I was amazingly wonderful. The perfect R&R trip in the middle winter


– April: I was working

– May: I was working

– June: I was working but I was also able to travel with the Saskatchewan youth provincial cycling team to Banff as a manager.

– July: I was working still. But was able to go on a trip to Jasper National Park in Alberta. Beautiful place, amazing mountains, great weather, wonderful camping. Now there is stories to this camping trip with the hiking that we did, the hot springs, campfire meals, tram rides, and wild animals, but it is all really long to get into so I will leave a couple of pictures in place to do the talking/writing for me.



– August: Now this was a very busy month for me. I traveled over 16,000km from one side of the country to another. I started it off with driving to Calgary to manage the cycling team from sask that went out there. Next was straight to the Lake on the west coast. Then is was all the way home to Saskatoon in my little car as fast as it could go to catch a flight out the next morning to Quebec. I was in Quebec over a week for work then I was home for 5 days before we packed up my car and moved to Toronto. So yes, now I am living in Toronto, we are all moved into our little apartment and I am a job hunting

I will touch a little on how it’s like packing the life of two people into a car and then driving 3000km in 5 days….Stressful.

Was that too little? OK well here it is. Five days before leaving for this move I had to pack up all my clothes and things I wanted to bring. Clothes were easy to pack, vacuum seal bags are the god sent! I would tell anyone if they had to move were weight wasn’t an issue to pack their clothes in these bags. It will blow your mind, I know it blow mine. Now when it came to my shoes, i had a very hard time. First I gave 12 pairs to Value Village, then I had 28 pairs left….. I don’t have a problem do I? Women, we like our shoes. So naturally I brought only 20 pairs with me. Cause really who needs all 28 pairs…. Now comes the trick of packing everything up in the car. Where does the clothes fit, the camping gear, the 47 inch TV, the two cases of wine from the Okanagan Valley, the shoes, my shoes. These things all must come. It’s just like a puzzle without having the cover of the puzzle box to tell you what the picture will look like in the end. The saddest part was saying goodbye to my espresso maker and leaving him behind. (Just kidding Family I miss you the most.) Then we drove and camped, and drove some more and then camped. We ate beef jerky and energy drinks for 5 days. Healthy right? Maybe not so much but sometime you gotta do what ya gotta do.

But now we are in the big TO, do people say that here? Anyways, we are unpacked, clothing is all wrinkled to the max where if you were to put something on, it wouldn’t be the same size anymore. Everything looks so much smaller than what it did a few weeks ago. We have internet now at our apartment. We built all the Ikea furniture that we bought and we didn’t even kill each other in the process of building, couches, desk, bookcase, dressers, bed frame, side tables, dinner table and chairs. Amazing, simply amazing I say!



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