Welcome to 2013

Yeahhhh baby! We survived the end of the world, and we are still running and kicking! Who would have thunk it.

Now to my post….

So lately I have been really busy, as seen from my lack of posts to my blog. These days I don’t have as much to write about now that I am not cycling like I use to. My life has been kept busy with work and life social, public and private. I was in school all fall doing some language course, which I quite enjoyed. I had fun working on English projects, though my grammar may not have improved…oppss!

I took the second term off from school, I needed money more. I had a car accident in the fall and my car was totaled.  I, luckily, was fine and not hurt besides a bit of bruising and shaken up. So on top of paying tuition I now have a new/used car to pay for.

I took a new job at a restaurant in Saskatoon call State & Main, (little promo shout out on my blog can’t hurt right?) I really like working here, people are great and the food is tasty. Can’t beat that? I am trying to save up some money because the travel bug has hit me again. I’m itching to go somewhere, anywhere…. Well maybe not somewhere cold. We have enough cold weather here in Saskatchewan. About a week or so ago we had a wind chill of about -50c degrees; bloody cold if you ask anyone. So as you can clearly see I want somewhere warm like Cuba!

I have looked into Cuba a lot this month, Cayo Coco mostly. What I really would love is to lie on a beach, sun in my face, baking in the warm heat with the ocean at my feet. I do not want to worry about making food, cleaning, looking after people. I would like some “me time”, as selfish as that sounds with all the travel I have done in the past I have never had a peaceful hot vacation. All the travel I have done has been for cycling.  It has been, at times, in very cold rainy, wet weather. Making life miserable for the time spent outside. Now yes I have seen some amazing places and probably traveled more than your average twenty year old, but cycling was my job at that time and traveling was part of the business. Most of my traveling was like a business trip, I saw more of the inside of houses and hotels then I did of the places I was in. It is sad, in a way, thinking of all the wonderful things that I missing seeing. I want to go back to most of the places I visited to see them properly.

So there was quite the rant that I just had. In short I am going to go to Cuba soon I think. And hopefully more stories to come.

Cheers people, hope you are staying warmer than me.


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