Chicago Superweek

Not racing anymore this year, I decided to help out back home in Saskatchewan with some co-managing team sask projects.  At the moment we are down in North Aurora, just outside of Chicago, for Chicago/Milwaukee Superweek.

It was a long and exhausting drive down for everyone, we made it in two days to our first location. The farther and farther east we got the hotter and hotter it became. Every day since we have been in the Chicago area it has been over 100f in air temp. With the humidity though, is comes to anywhere from 42c to 47c. The air is very thick making it hard to keep breathing at a normal pace while riding as at lease for me, being out of shape and all. Everyone is in for some tough racing in the next 10 days in this scorching weather.

The first race of superweek was only for the pro ½ men. We had two Sask riders in the field; it was a challenging race for them. I think neither was quiet prepare for the heat that they faced. Dehydration was an issue as well as not being accustomed to the heat on top of a 27 hours van ride for two days before.

The next day started with the women’s cat ¾ races where our three sask girls destroyed it. They rode a smart and fast race; working amazingly well together as a team. In the end they ended up placing first, third and fourth.  The one and only cadet on the trip rode in the cat 3 men’s race later in the afternoon and placed 9th, smack dab in the money!

The pro men’s race was in the evening, and from what I hear it was a fast and demanding race. A bit of bad luck hit team sask though. One of our riders crash and broke his collarbone, so now he will be out of the racing while we are down here. But that just the way it goes with bike racing, there is always that risk.

Hoping to keep the winning streak alive and have no more injuries on this trip! Wish us luck



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