Traveling can be stressful… actually with me it is always stressful, airports are like my version of a nightmare. From worrying about paying too much for my bike and bags, to hoping that my suitcase and belonging arrive where I am. Oh and of course not missing my flight….

I left Saskatoon on an afternoon flight to Toronto… this is the first time I think I ever had a flight to another country that didn’t leave at a horrible time of 6 in the morning. But being that it was Saskatoon the flight was slightly delayed and once we were in the TO area we had to circle in the air and then wait for the people to make the gate ready. I went from having an hour and half between flights to having 10 minutes before boarding started.   But as per norm Toronto never in my experience has left on time of any flight. So boarding was delayed by 40 minutes again, enough time for me to get food before we left.

As my luck would have it though, I didn’t get a window seat for the 8 hour plane ride to Zurich. I don’t know why but I can’t sleep unless I have a wall to lean against. AND as some might know because I already bitched about it, 7 babies all around me. Some reason the air line thought it was a good idea to put a mom and a young baby in a seat and put an unrelated dad and his new baby side by side. One cries the other one screams, the one pooped and the other one pukes, lovely. Stinky babies, for 8 hours….

Well I made it to Girona in one piece and so did my stuff… that was in the important part. Now the trouble was to haul everything, with everything weighing about a total of 135lbs (yes I know… I’m a light packer….not) to the shuttle station so I could get to the train station. Making it to the station was pretty easy, ask a couple questions on where to go, used my awesome skill with directions and I arrive even on time. It’s always a mad rush to get on the train, and trying to lift all my bags at once to get them on the train was a job for some super human beast. Ya that beast – was not me… I think I pulled my bicep haha…. it had the shakes for the whole train(s) ride. I got off at the main Barcelona Sants and had to haul all my stuff up stairs just to buy another ticket and then haul/kick my stuff, ok I didn’t kick my stuff but I wanted to, back down to the trains.

I arrive in Girona at 5:30pm local time and it was dark so I didn’t feel like braving it a 1.2km in the dark with all my stuff to find the apartment that we had got. But I have to convince the taxi driver that no, my bike box would not fit in the back of his car and that I needed the bigger taxi. But he didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Catalan.  Once it was determined that my bike was not going to fit… I got a different taxi, 5 minutes later I was at the place.

The lady that was coming to give the keys had not arrived at the apartment yet so buzzing the door didn’t not work so I waited outside till someone came out of the building and I snuck inside. Went up to the fourth floor knocked on the door no one was home… not sure what I was expecting being that no one answered the buzzer outside. Waited upstairs for a while still no one, and then decided; wait the person might be waiting for me to come in from down stairs…. Yup I was right.

The apartment is a typical euro style, not very big or modern fashioned but it’s a good home base. Had a shower, clean clothes, made some food then it was time to tackle the internet.  Getting onto the internet was one of the most frustrating parts, because the password code wasn’t working for me. After about an hour, the idea came to me that I had to change the language of my keyboard to Spanish, and what ya know it worked.

Jet lag is the worst thing about traveling, usually it’s not that bad for me, but I am thinking since I slept in bit and pieces over then pass 24 hours that my clock was way too turn around to let me sleep at all. It was 630am local time when I finally got some shut eye.

So there it is – that my little update for the world to know what is going on… or just mostly for my family.

Biking adventure hoping soon to come….



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