Here and There

Well December has rolled around again. It’s the time of the year were I get lazy and want to eat chocolate, cookies and watch movie in the warmth of my home. My plans for Christmas haven’t been made yet this year, might stay in Saskatoon or go to Calgary – who knows.  As well as not having any plans yet my Christmas shopping hasn’t been even started yet.I have no idea what to get for my family. It seems the older we get the harder that it is to buy for my family. Mom and Dad both say that they don’t need anything for Christmas… Geeze guys thanks that makes it really easy for me to find something, cause I’m sorry but nothing is not an option for a gift… Any ideas for gifts this year? Any cool new gadgets that are out? I think I will end up waiting till the last-minute and be like the million other people on Christmas Eve ravishing the shopping malls.

I know I had said in the past that I was looking at going to Australia for the winter. But that plans have then since changed and I now will be off to Spain for a few months. I will be heading to the wondering city of Girona which has been host to a huge number of cyclists. I will be flying out beginning of January and hopefully will have a ton of stories and experiences.  I very excited about going I have never been to Spain before and it will be amazing to live there are awhile. I hopefully will get back in shape again, as I haven’t been able to do much since my ankle injury.  I have just started to train again as of last week without pain.

Probably the next time I will write again I will be sitting somewhere around here!



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