Home at last

Not much has happened in the last few months or so. I really didn’t have anything new to write about till now.  I have moved back home from Port Moody to Saskatoon as of three days ago.  It’s a nice change to be back and have family around even though it is a lot colder here then it was in BC. I have become quiet spoil by BC mild climate.  I had been working quite a bit in BC at a local coffee shop and training when I could at the gym.  Then I had an accident and messed up my ankle really bad.  The doctor at first thought it might be broken so I had to go get x-rays but luckily the results came back negative. I was lucky that I got three days off from work when I had the accident because my foot and ankle swelled to one big fat lump of purple skin and meat. Lovely doesn’t it sound?

Well so there is my foot on day three with all the bruising. It’s funny how the blood just pooled in a line on my heel, I have no idea why it does that but I’m sure some of you would know.  It has been over two weeks now since it happened and I still can’t run on it or even for that matter walk on it for a long time. I can’t do yoga anymore because that hurts it too much also. As well as I do not have to mobility in the ankle it’s self for kicking in swimming. It’s funny how a simple afternoon trail run could create such a problem for me.

Now that I am back home I am just in time to help my mom move from our house into a small townhouse in the city;  you really never know how much junk that you gather over the years till you have to move. I have thrown out bags and bags of stuff that we haven’t used in years. I am also giving away half the clothes that were in my closet that I had not worn in years. That is the problem with having a walk in closet; it holds so much stuff and junk that till you take everything out you really have no clue what is all in there. Beyond just boxing everything in my room, which there was a lot of, I boxed up our whole basement also. I was on a mission then, anything that I deemed that didn’t have a purpose in our new home or stuff that we had not used in years I was either throwing out or giving away. Now I’m hoping that this decision won’t come back and bite me in the butt because I didn’t talk to the rest of my family on what was staying and what was going.

I’m excited about moving into a new place, firstly because it is a lot more convenient than our other home. I thought that I would be sad leaving my home that I grew up in behind and giving away old belongings but the truth of the matter is I’m not. I think I have come to the point that it really doesn’t matter to me about the things I have and the place I’m in, I can make almost any place I live in now my home. All that matters is the people who I am with, living there with me.

In a couple of months I have another journey ahead of me. This one is taking me right to the other side of the world. In January I am planning on going to Australia to live and train for three months. It should be a really exciting time. I have never been there before and will, as of this point, be going on my own.  Hopefully I will get the rest of the details all figured out in the never couple of weeks and have my plane ticket booked.

It’s going to be a really busy week for me coming up with work, training, and registering for school classes for next fall as well as moving tomorrow morning and getting unpacked.


Cheers for now


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