RBC GranFondo

This past weekend was the Whistler RBC GranFondo and there were 7000 people that showed up to do the 122km ride from Vancouver to Whistler. There were a couple different rides with this Fondo, the Giro was the people that wanted to race and win over all and the other 6800 just did the ride for fun.  It was crazy to see the amount of people that showed up to ride, I have never seen that many people on bikes at one time.  It was great to see what Fondos are doing for the sport of cycling.

Now I did the giro and it was really tough. Right now I haven’t been riding much and working lots so my form was pretty poor. But it was just been such a long season for me that I just need a break.   I was dropped on a steep climb and wasn’t able to catch back on, on the downhill because of the head wind.  About 70km into the race I got a flat tire and there was no wheel support so I really didn’t have any options left but to find some nice person and hitchhike my way back to a Whistler. Hitchhike was a first for me and I was just glad that someone was nice enough to give me a ride.

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