If It Weren’t for the Last Minute, Nothing Would get Done…

Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do – O. Wilde

It seems that life can come down to a scramble in the end of it. Like with work, you have a list of thing that you need to do, and it always comes down to the last minutes that you are finishing in time. The same goes for school. It is alway the sleepless night the night before a big test that you are cramming all the information that you can into your sleepless brain. This is the same for me in finding a job. I was backhome in Saskatoon for a short break and then I came back to Port Moody and need to find a job was upon me. I only sent out a hundred resume to a bunch of different places… and then ended up with two jobs.

Work work work, why do we have to work so much, easy answer is for money and because we do not want to be homeless. After a summer that had me working at one goal and that was to ride my bike and get fast, it is a significant change for me now having to have to work not one but two jobs, and still have tofit training into my schedule. I might have bit off more than I can chew.

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So now I am working at a coffee shop in Port Moody called Gallagher’s coffee bar. It’s locally owned and has excellent coffee if I do say so myself. I have not worked there for particularly long, so I am still getting the feel for things there. I can say though, that I am a quick learner, and I have not screwed up too bad – so that always a plus, yes?

There is quite a skill that goes into making a good latte or other caffeine drink. Now though I have gotten the hang of how to make all the drinks and what goes in them, but making latte art is still a mystery to me. I must not have a steady enough hand when it comes to poring the milk just so to make a pretty picture. I blame is on the fact that while I am creative, I can not draw, paint or sketch to save myself. Now I can see what looks fantastic and can create from a visual side like photography or design, but give me milk and espresso and the picture end up looking like a bunch of clouds. Maybe that how I will have to roll with the coffee, call the pictures clouds or circles and dots cause that is all I seem to make.

My second job will be at a golf course… can not tell you too much about it because I haven’t started yet and still need to work out a few details to make sure it is worth it. With this job, I get free golfing… ya-hay for me, right? Too bad I can not golf at all and can’t learn because I have a bad elbow. Though friends can golf for free too with me.

I have one last road race the Grand Fondo to Whistler from Vancouver. I still need to work out the details like how I’m getting to the start of the race and how I am getting back because it is a point to point race. Also, I need to find a time to work in picking up my race registration… I said it before it will be last minute for me. It should be a excellent way to end the road race season for me. I haven’t been training too hard lately though just with work and being sick it has taken up a lot of time. Now just getting back into the swing of things.

But I think that is all for now.




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